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Water Dispenser
Flowmatic water dispenser is featured with standing dispenser with RO system inside. The system has cold, hot and normal water function. The cooling can be functioned by electronic refrigeration or compressor.

  RO system:   5stage RO system with 3.0 plastic tank
  Rated voltage:   220~240V
  Rated frequency:   50Hz-60Hz
  Heating power:   400W
  Hot water temperature:   85≧-95≧
  Hot water capacity:   1.0L
  Hot water tank:   SS304
  Cold water temperature:   5≧-8≧
  Cold water capacity:   1.5L
  Normal water capacity:   12.00L
  Ship Weight:
  23Kg for Electronic Refrigeration
    29Kg for Compressor Cooling
  Dimensions(cm):   41X40X112
  Qty/20GP:   120 pcs
  Qty/40'GP:   220 pcs
  Qty/40'HQ:   240 pcs
MT-RO-LS16A                                                                 MT-RO-LS16B                              MT-RO-LS18
Product Code Cooling Type Cooling Power Control
FM-RO-LS16A-ER Electronic Refrigeration 70W-100W Normal
FM-RO-LS16A-CC Compressor Cooling 68W, 0.56A, R134A (NON CFC) Normal
FM-RO-LS16B-ER Electronic Refrigeration 70W-100W Digital Control
FM-RO-LS16B-CC Compressor Cooling 68W, 0.56A, R134A (NON CFC) Digital Control
FM-RO-LS18-ER Electronic Refrigeration 70W-100W Normal
FM-RO-LS18-CC Compressor Cooling 68W, 0.56A, R134A (NON CFC) Normal

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