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Water Vending Machine


  • User-friendly design enables the user fully controls the process
  • Micro Computer control
  • Water vending achieved by local coin or card
  • Water is prevented from pollution by Ozone and UV
  • 800GPD RO system offers 5G* 160 bottles per day
  • 110-220V,50-60HZ designed
  • Size: 72X50X170CM
  • New Weight: 240Kg
  • 400GPD, 800GPD System offered, or customer design.
System Design:
  • Inlet Water
  • PP 20 ̄ 5 Micron
  • CTO 20 ̄ 5Micron
  • PP 20 ̄ 5 Micron
  • RO System 400, 800GPD
  • 62X19X82cm SS304 Storage Tank
  • Ozone
  • 20 ̄ Carbon filter
  • 6 GPM UV
  • Outlet permeate water

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