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Cartridge Filters for Water Treatment
Type Material Size Connect/td> Max Pressure Flow
HPCF-5DC1 UPVC 257*H450 10¡± 2¡± 0.6 Mpa 4 m3/h
HPCF-5DC2 UPVC 257*H700 20¡± 2¡± 0.6 Mpa 7 m3/h
HPCF-5DC3 UPVC 257*H950 30¡± 2¡± 0.6 Mpa 10 m3/h
HPCF-5DC4 UPVC 257*H1200 40¡± 2¡± 0.6 Mpa 13 m3/h


  • Install the pressure gauage into the threaded port on thr filter lid.
  • Unscrew the lid lock ring, install 5 pieces cartridge elements. Do not over tight the lock ring.
  • Place the filter into the required position.
  • Ensure that it is on a flat level surface and is aligned with the pump.
  • Ensure that the pipe extending from the pump outlet is connected to the filter marked inlet.
  • Screw the supplied half barrel unions and tails onto the inlet and outlet before gluing the UPVC pipe onto the filter. Cut and fit the pipe and fittings onto the filter and the pump.
  • Glue the pipe and fitting onto the pump, filter and allow the glue to set for 24 hours before commissioning the system.
  • Ensure that all valves installed before or after the filter are open.
  • Ensure that the filter is plumbed correctly. Pipe from pump outlet must be attached to the filter inlet port.
  • Loose the air bleed screw on the top of the filter lid.
  • Turn on the pump and allow the pump to run until all the air has been expelled from the filter tank. Water will run from the bleed screw.
  • Tighten the air bleed screw.
  • The filter is primed and ready for operate.
  • Do not stand over the lid whilst adjusting the air bleed to purge the system of air. Injury may occur if air bleed valve comes loose.
  • Release air from the tank using the air screw.
  • Unscrew the filter¡¯s lock ring.
  • Remove the cartridge elements from filter tank.
  • Clean the elemnt¡¯s surface.
  • Place the cartridge elements into the filter tank and ensure that are seated correctly.
  • Place the lid onto the tank and screw and screw the lock ring down. Don¡¯t over tighten the lid lock ring.
  • The cleaning time depending upon the water¡¯s condition.
  • The distribution system of HPCF filter is distributed from bottom to top.
  • Water is well-proportioned with small strike to cartridges and air is easy to be discharged.
  • The bottom system of HPCF filter is designed together as a whole the top localizer & closure system.
  • Cartridges are easy to be installed, pushed down and closed, preventing leaking inside.
  • HPCF filter is corrosion resistant. It can be used in SS-non-replace field.

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