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Flowmatic UF Membranes
Using advanced technology and material to make PAN alloy UF hollow fiber membrane,
Flowmatic membranes acquires superior perfor-mance.
  • Good hydrophilicity of Membrane material makes higher flux during the operation
  • Improved strength PAN alloy for membranes
  • Membrane material is germ-proof to minimize bio-fouling with longer service life
  • Narrow Aperture distribution range to improve fouling resistant with superior fouling resistance
  • Dry element on longer storage time
  • Transport and storage temperature of -20C-45C
  • Solve problem of traditional technology using glycerin and formaldehyde for membrane preservation
Product Code Product Membrane Designed Dimension Fiber Module Usage
(m3/h) Area (m2) Flux (L/M2/H) (mm) Number Inlet& Outlet
FMUF-4040 0.8 4 40-180 101X1016 1100 D32/D25 4" vessel required
FMUF-4046 0.8 4 40-180 101X1016 1100 D32/D25 Directly Use
FMUF-0660-12 2.5 12 40-180 165X1300 3200 D40/D40 Directly Use
FMUF-8040 5 20 40-180 201X1016 7300 D40/D40 8" vessel required
FMUF-8060 5 25 40-180 242X1400 7300 D50/D50 Directly Use
FMUF-1060-40 15 40 40-180 323X1715 9800 2" victaulic Directly Use
FMUF-1060-46 16 46 40-180 323X11820 9800 2" victaulic Directly Use



Design flux, L/M2/H

Permeate water Turbitity,NTU <0.1 (when feed water <70NTU)
Permeate water SDI <1 (when feed water <25NTU)
Maximum continue chlorine, mg/l 70
Maximum temporary chlorine, mg/l 200
Fiber type Inside-out hollow fiber
Membrane material PAN alloy
Potting material Food grade epoxy resin
Module preservation Dry
Temperature in storage & transportation -20C ~ 45C
Max.air pressure testing for integrity, Mpa <0.2
Working Condition
Maximum feed water pressure, Mpa 0.6
Suggested trans-membrane pressure(TMP), Mpa <0.1
Maximum IMP, Mpa <0.2
Maximum backwash IMP, Mpa <0.15
Working temperature 5C ~ 40C
PH 2~10
Working process Cross-flow or dead-end
Recommended operation
Backwash flow,M3/H 250-300 l/m2-h
Backwash pressure,Mpa 0.05-0.1
Backwash time,second 40-60 '
Bachwash interval,minute 40 - 300
Flushing time,second 40-60
flushing interval, minute 40 - 300
Chemical cleaning interval,day 15-200
Chemical cleaning time,minute 30-120
Cleaning chemicals Citric acid,NaOH/NaCLO

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