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FM-K-3000,400 SERIES GLASS ROTA METER (magnifying Acrylic Window Featured)
K-300,400 glass rota meter is featured with a magnifying acrylic window, with high measuring precision. Solution-contacting-parts are lead or 304SS. This type of glass rota meter is widely used for measuring or analyzing instruments, Lab and scientific research divisions.  
Working pressure:<0.8MPa        Temperature Limit: 120<C        Accuracy: \3%
Model DN Measure Range L/h Thread
Water Air
FM-K3011 DN3 2.5-25mL/min 3-30NmL/min
NPT 1/8 ̄ Female
FM-K3012 DN4 4-40ml_/min 8-80NmL/min  
FM-K3013 DN6 8-80mL/min 0.18-1.8NL/min
20-200mL/min 0.4-4NL/min
35-350mL/min 0.8-8NL/min
40-400mL/min 1.5-15NL/min
70-700mL/min 1.8-18NL/min
0.1-1L/min 3-30NL/min
0.2-2L/min 5-50NL/min
0.3-3L/min 6-60NL/min
Model Water Air


FM-K-4011 20-200mL/min 0.3-3NL/min  

FM-K-4012 30-300mL/min 0.5-5NL/min
FM-K-4013 50-500mL/min 1-10NL/min  

NPT1/4"Female G1/4"Female
FM-K-4014 0.1-1L/min 2-20NL/min
FM-K-4015 0.15-1.5L/min 3-30NL/min
FM-K-4016 0.2-2L/min 5-50NL/min
No Name Material Quantity
Conventional Type Corrosion-proof Type
1 Valve HPb59-1 SS304 1
2 Base LY11 SS304 2
3 Float SS304 or Agate SS304, or Agate 1
4 Meter Body Borosilicate Glass   1
5 Panel LY11 LY11 1
6 Window Acrylic Glass Acrylic Glass 1
7 Guide Wire HPb59-1 SS304 1
8 Locknut     1
9 Male Adaptor HP659-1 SS304 2

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