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FM-PC and MT-EB Series
  • Potable and high purity water applications
  • 304 Stainless Steel, electro polished and passivated inside and out, 316 Stainless Steel is optional.
  • Dual heads may be removed and rotated for versatility during installation
  • Retainer Cap for effortless lamp change
  • Fused quartz sleeve insure optimum lamp output at normal potable water temperature
Product Code FLOW CONNECTION Quartz Sleeve UV
RATE BSP Length (mm) LAMP NO.
FM-P-50 1GPM/227LPH 1/4" BSP 320 T510H
FM-PC-2 2GPM/450LPH 1/4" BSP 345 T514H
FM-PC-3 3GPM/680LPH 1/2" BSP 375 T515H
FM-PC-6 6GPM/1360LPH 1/2" BSP 552 T521H
FM-PC-8 8GPM/1810LPH 1/2" BSP 700 T529H
FM-PC-12 12GPM/2720LPH 3/4" BSP 930 T540H
FM-EB-15 15GPM/3400LPH 1" BSP 910 T565
FM-EB-20 20GPM/4536LPH 1 1/2" BSP 910 T565
FM-EB-24 24GPM/5443LPH 1 1/2"BSP 910 T585
FM-EB-35 35GPM/7938LPH 2" BSP 910 T565
FM-EB-45 45GPM/10200LPH 2" BSP 910 T585
FM-EB-120 120GPM/27252LPH 2 1/2" BSP 910 T565
FM-EB-150 150GPM/34065LPH 2 1/2" BSP 910 T585

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