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Venturi Mixer (Liquid or gas Injector)
If water is pressed through a venturi, the speed of the water increases, developing at the same time a low pressure. This low pressure can be used for producing vacuum, but also for mixing in liquids and gasses in the main-stream. ĦĦ
Product Code Size (NPT) Material Water Flow
VTR-12-LD 1/2Ħħ Arcylic 0.5M3/H
VTR-34-LD 3/4Ħħ Arcylic 1-2 M3/H
VTR-100-LD 1Ħħ Arcylic 5 M3/H
Product No Size (NPT) Material Water Flow
VTR-15-GS 1/5Ħħ PVDF 0.2M3/H
VTR-14-GS 1/4Ħħ PVDF 0.5M3/H
VTR-34-GS 3/4Ħħ PVDF 1-2 M3/H
VTR-100-GS 1Ħħ PVDF 5M3/H
VTR-150-GS 1-1/2Ħħ PVDF 15-20M3/H
VTR-200-GS 2Ħħ PVDF 35-40M3/H

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