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FLOWMATIC a professionally, technologically integrated manufacturer and distributer , carrying out activities in the filed of water treatment

With the production facility FLOWMATIC water technologies in Pakistan, I has been managing to quickly and aggressively deliver the products abroad with its emphasis on quality control and customer satisfaction . FLOWMATIC Products have earned and industry wide reputation for high quality and superior performance. Many clients in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Middle East use technologies, Products and services of FLOWMATIC among them are well known companies


Being a designer and manufacture of the commercial and industrial Reverse   osmosis system FLOWMATIC  provides both standard and customized designs in a large range of different systems, including pretreatment and post-treatment equipments. FLOWMATIC is able to design the right products to fit your application and the best solution for your requirements.
FLOWMATIC has dedicated the efforts into quick and prompt service, keeping close ties with clients, and always having an open and clear channel of communication with the business partners.







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