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FM-Z-6200 Series In-line Flow Meter (Mount in Any Position)
FM-Z-6200 is fit for the balance of water pressure and water flow control. It can adjust valve on the flow meter of water flow. ItˇŻs convenient and precise. The flow meter can be mounted in any position. The valve with scale can be 360ˇărotated. ˇˇ
FM-Z-6200 Specification
Model Water (L/Min) Thread (BSPT) Weight (kg) Accuracy Working Pressure (Bar) Ternp.( ˇăC )
FM-Z-6211 0.5-2.5
M3/4ˇ± X F1/2ˇ± 0.2 +/- 10% 15 100
FM-Z-6212 0.5-2.5
M3/4ˇ± X F3/4ˇ± 0.2
FM-Z-6213 2-16
M1ˇ± X M1ˇ± 0.4
FM-Z-6214 2-16
M1ˇ±X F1 1/2ˇ± 0.5

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