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Water Softener
Many water supplies contain hardness minerals and elements that build up inside pips, valves, fixtures and appliances. And make water taste bad. Water softeners filter out these minerals like calcium and magnesium. Protect pipes from scaling, corrode and clogging up. The dishes will be cleaner, and spotless. The appliances will have longer life and cost can be saved.

  • Easy installation and low maintenance
  • Long life and great performance
  • Flowmatic Mechanical Valve, Manual Valve and Fleck Valve available
  • SS Jacket available
Product Code Valve FRP Tank Brine Tank Jacket Media
FMMT-SFN-835 FM-C-STC TK835 80L Non Non
FM-SFN-835-SSJK FM-C-STC TK835 80L SS Jacket Non
FM-SFN-1017 MT-C-STC TK1017 80L Non Non
FM-SFN-1035 FM-C-STC TK1035 80L Non Non
FM-SFN-1044 FM-C-STC TK1044 80L Non Non
FM-SFN-1054 FM-C-STC TK1054 80L Non Non
FM-SFN-1054-SSJK FM-C-STC TK1054 80L SS Jacket Non
Compact Water Softener
Product Code Valve FRP Tank Media Cabinet size Dimension (CM) Ship Weight
FM-SFN-817-CPT FM-C-STC TK817 Non 23X44X48 26X52X70 7kgs
FM-SFN-835-CPT FM-C-STC TK835 Non 23x44X96 28X52X117 10kgs

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